My mom is a Titan.

These days I feel like my mom is our family Titan, Atlas. Condemned to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. This seemingly endless season of her life has seen her carrying the weight of her own mothers death, the weight of being a mother again for two of her precious grandchildren when her own health is failing, providing endless financial assistance when she has pennies to give, unflagging loyalty to family members that have long since lost the support of the rest of the family, grace and friendship to an ex-husband that needed help when his own health spiraled him to the cusp of death. A strong shoulder for those that just couldn’t make it without the unflagging love and counseling, dogged determination to be a good grandmother to the children that don’t live in her vicinity, and a constant supply of good cheer for her daughter that can’t handle the thought of her mother being overwhelmed with the weight of this family. When she can’t supply actual good cheer, she fakes it for me so I don’t sit at home worrying about her.

In addition to the weight of our family, she is now under the weight of medical issues of her own that need to be resolved quickly.

But she can’t because my grandfather is in need. He is ill and has been in the hospital for over 100 days. Today she learned that my grandfather will never be going back to his home. He will never again walk into the home he built with his own two hands. Back into the home that holds his memories and his treasures.

He is a man facing what is perhaps his biggest fear. The loss of his freedom, the loss of his home, the loss of life as he knows it. And my mom is there to help her father shoulder this impossible burden. Because she is a Titan.

She needs someone to carry the load and pick up the burden. Someone to give her a helping hand and provide support. A respite so she can focus on her own health.

But no one else in this family is a Titan.

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