Reesie’s Tried and True Elixir of Life Application

Step up Ladies and Gents because I have the answer you need. The elixir of life in one bold package to heal all that ails you. There is nothing at all like it although many try to imitate. In a pale shadow that is a mere reflection of the remedy I’ll provide, I might add. My all purpose cure will help you in areas of Religion, Marriage, Parenting, Friendships, Workplace, Weight loss, Addictions and all your financial goals. Reesie’s Tried and True Elixir of Life Application is an all purpose cure. It’s an amazing restorative all in one application. All for the low, low price of $12 a year in your app store available on all electronic devices.

I’m not kidding. I’ve got the answer. Or at least a method to help us organize the answer. Follow me down the rabbit hole for a second and I’ll provide an example.

I talk a lot about my weight loss journey. I push my struggles, victories, insights on anyone who will listen and frequently people that have no interest in listening. I’m fun like that.

Sometimes people fall into an unexpected, disastrous pit when they have been successful at weight loss. It’s a kick in the teeth when you’ve reached your goal and you think it’s going to be the magic key to happiness.

A lot of people that have experienced a significant weight gain for an extended period of time spend their social lives in the background of others. The sidekick that supports the attractive friend, the person on the fringe of the group instead of the middle. The person that had a slow steady buildup to relationships instead of instant persual by an attractive person.

changeHere is the kick in the teeth: When you have made a drastic change in appearance, you typically begin to feel more confidant. You are most likely putting more thought into your appearance, and you tend to be more engaged in life. Odds are that you have also made new friends as extreme weight loss typically includes lifestyle changes such as an entire host of friends made at the gym. People are going to start to notice you. They will pursue you. They will flirt, they will compliment you. Strangers will approach you when previously you had been invisible. You are no longer on the fringe, you are the center.

It can be intoxicating. It will be intoxicating. It can be a dirty, ugly pit of temptation if you aren’t aware it’s coming.

I can’t tell you how many people I have seen achieve their weight loss goal only to throw away their marriage. All of a sudden you feel sexy and attractive and your steady and true spouse that loves you regardless of your weight isn’t quite as exciting. If they aren’t on this journey with you, they might not even be interested or able to have a lively conversation about all the new things you are interested in. Maybe you feel your new partner at crossfit, or your running buddy understands you better than your spouse. They know your new hopes and dreams and they “get you” while your spouse is nagging about help with the kids.

Losing weight and developing a healthy lifestyle is positive. I argue that if it is an extreme change, even a positive one, it still needs to be accompanied by counseling. At the very least a constant self monitoring, self evaluating, temperature check to make sure the change isn’t destroying something in another area of your life unintentionally.

the devilThe problem is that change is hard. All change. Good and Bad. It changes the way we see ourselves and the way others see us. Change in a major area can alter your life drastically. We need a way to stop and take a good hard look at ourselves at a regular basis. But not piecemeal. We need a wholelistic view. A time to stop and analyze. A temperature check because eventually, it all connects. We need a better way to connect it all.

Thus we all need Reesie’s Tried and True Elixir of Life Application available in your app store for all electronic devices. (I don’t really have an app)

Most of us are familiar with either a running app or a weight loss app. You plug in your goal, it tracks your progress and it will send you helpful hints to help you active your goal dependent on the things you are typing in.

Reesie’s Tried and True Elixir of Life Application would be the mother of all apps. You would plug in your religion, both you and your spouse’s current weight status and goals, your financial status and goals, your location and an app that will survey restaurants and events going on in your area and the weather, your marriage status and 5 top main topics of concern, your ideal date night along with your spouse ideal date night, all anniversaries and birthdays, your love language and your spouse’s love language and your children’s love languages*, your color code*, your children’s ages and all activities they are involved in, your 5 closest friends hobbies and what your main activity for fun you do with them, your work goals, your 5 year plan, and then an area where you could provide any additional information that is critical like you or your spouse dealing with addictions or health concerns that need to be considered.

self loveThen that puppy would be your life coach. The friend that gives solid advice. The harsh but true advice no one wants to give. If it sees that you are making strides in your work goals but you haven’t had a date with your spouse in 2 months it would send a reminder that their love language was X and you both had time between your kids sporting events and you should go biking or on a long romantic walk as you have both gained 5lbs in the past week and the local weather would be perfect those days. It would remind you to include your spouse in your activities if you had lost 30lbs but your spouse gained 10 by suggesting a host of activities or topics to share based on their color code and motivation*. Or it would ding and tell you that the last three dates were only items YOU liked to do and would suggest alternatives in your spouses category according to activities going on in your location. Then it would send you a lesson based on your selected religion about marriage to revisit or pray about. Or maybe it would tell you that according to your faith and financial goals you plugged into your app and your recent work successes you had an opportunity to go on a vacation AND up your tithe by a certain percentage. It could even get really harsh and tell you that your sudden loss of income means you should be saving money instead of going out on dates at all and provide all the Dave Ramsey courses being offered in the area to help you through this financial crisis. Then send you date options that are free and still within both your love languages.

Handle your business. Don’t fall into the ugly pit because you didn’t manage your change.

That’s a steal of a deal for $12 a year.

* (Color Code)

*The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate is a 1995 book by Gary Chapman.

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